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…And so it begins.

I guess we’re all fucked. And yes, I am mentioned in the article. See if you can find it.


Map of the Dead – Zombie Survival Guide

This is just awesome, and handy for the upcoming zombie apocalypse! Type in your address and it tell you the closest points of interest after the invasion begins, such as medical offices, gas stations, grocery stores, army bases, sporting goods stores, etc. It also tells you if you’re in the “Danger Zones”. I printed this out for my area and crossed out the Trader Joe’s. That organic crap is going to spoil within a week, no need to trek trough the woods with my crossbow and axe in search of food if it’s not going to be edible. Plan your strategy wisely my friends.





It’s Valentine’s Day!

Since no one loves Mr. Layembutz this year I am putting up a song my friend wrote for his wife. You’re a lucky man Goosaba, you have quite the keeper there.

Some times I don’t know how to say
But this time I’m gonna do it anyway
There’s no thin line drawn in the sand
For there is no greater love for you than this man’s
No task would I not under go
I’d jump off a cliff of rocks to save you from the undertow
Karate chop a shark if he were to get in my way
Then puff and pound your chest until you breathed again
Sweet Jane

When you are fast asleep
I lay with one eye open while you dream
Cause zombies might break through the door
And I’ve got to save my lady from that undead horde
Brain bits splatter on the stairs
As I roundhouse kick a throat while I’m fighting in my underwear
Karate chop a zombie shark if he were to get in my way
Then grab your hand and run and run until we’re safe again
Sweet Jane

So if you’re captured by a mad scientist
Or taken hostage by a fanatical terrorist
I’ll karate chop them both if they were to get in my way
Cause nothin’s stopping me from seeing my girl again
Sweet Jane

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Today’s Random Image