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Peter Parker is dead.

In the last issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, #700, Peter Parker is killed. It was a fun ride Peter.


Speaking of the fact I have a back yard.

Here‘s another set of photographs by Michael Wolf showing the architecture of cramming people together in the smallest footprint possible.




Chinese Factory Workers and the Toys They Make

I saw this link today about Chinese factory workers and the toys they make and it blows my mind.

Really, the world, with all it’s eccentricities and the paradox of the universe’s mass and timelessness vs life’s preciousness and fragility has really been mind fucking me. But that’s a rant for another day.

Back to this link. The photographs are portraits done by artist Michael Wolf.

This is truly an alien world to me with my cushy job, my back yard and feather pillows. But I, or you, could have just as easily been born in China to the mother of one of these workers. I will admit, each hand made toy in this portfolio is a work of art to me. Even with my social situation and all my schooling I don’t have the skills to put a plastic arm on a fabric doll body.


Click images for larger versions.









The Rats of NIMH

Cool illustration from the children’s book.

The City Of Tomorrow, artist’s rendition from 1934

Click image for larger version.

The art of Martin Wittfooth

I love his work.


I like weird taxidermy, but jeez.

Story From North America spider animation

To kill, or not to kill, the scary spider? That is a question.

Movie scenes recreated using Lego

These are my favorites, but you can click this LINK to see them all.