Last week, a few days before the attack on the children in Connecticut I had seen this documentary from 1990 called Child of Rage which showed me a world I wish didn’t exist. Beth, the young girl in the documentary, was sexually abused by her biological father and since then has lost the ability to feel compassion, remorse for her actions or understand right from wrong. The anger and hatred she feels towards others and herself is so saddening when you hear her describe her feelings in such a matter-of-fact fashion that only a child can give. This short documentary consisting of mainly video footage from interviews with her adopted parents and interviews between Beth and her therapist cut deep, and show how some scars, though they will never completely go away, can sometimes heal over if treated properly*.

I don’t know what type of mental health issues the shooter in Connecticut who killed his mother and all those tiny children had, but I wish some how we could have helped him, and in the process have saved those innocent children. Some mental health issues a person is born with, others are caused by outside influences. So please, nurture your babies.

After watching the whole thing, and only AFTER you’ve watched it, should you click THIS LINK to see what Beth looks like today, if you’re curious.

*Beth was treated by using Attachment Therapy. Though it seems to have worked for her it is a controversial category of alternative child mental health interventions intended to treat attachment disorders. Attachment Therapy itself is considered by many as potentially abusive and has been linked to at least six fatalities. If you have further interest: Attachment Therapy