I watched this and was fascinated. It’s a bit long at 15 minutes for us accustomed to instant internet gratification, but I would recommend finding a little time to squeeze it in. A few of things that touched me were watching the kids, and not only seeing their transformation at first into little entitled bastards, but when the roles are switched, seeing how those who were originally discriminated against then did not discriminate when one would expect them to. They had learned it was wrong because they had been on the other end and then chose not to do so. Also, watching the social dynamic between the teacher and children back in 1970 was mesmerizing as well as someone who is enamored with history and anthropology. One last thing this exposed for me was how easily it is to influence a child into thinking one way or another by (intentionally or not) planting a seed in their head. When that seed grows, blossoms and rains it’s pedals around your child’s thought patterns for the rest of their lives you have yourself to thank for their actions and behavior, good or bad. So plant carefully.