Who is Adriana Calderon? I have no idea. I discovered her name stamped on the underside of a white paper bag while searching my refrigerator for leftover cookie dough to bake. There was a slice of take-out pizza in the bag. Above Adriana’s name a date was stamped: Feb 17 12.

I assume that Ms. Calderon had something to do with the manufacture of this lunch-sized paper bag. I thought I’d just give a shout out to her.

What up Adriana Calderon! Thanks for the the bags!

Of course, someone already had this idea. And Adriana is mentioned. But I took the time to write down the name and type this so I’m posting it.

I tried to take a photo of the bag just now, but my girlfriend had already transfered the pizza slice to foil and shoved Adriana’s bag into the garbage. Never mind that my love forgot to recycle the purely paper bag, it was soaked with grease and coated in coffee grinds. Sorry Ms. Calderon.