I know it’s very difficult and scary for some people to imagine and come to understand just how small we actually are in the universe.

That’s our planet. That’s the “little” sphere which we live on. Of course it’s feels crazy to imagine it as a small thing considering how long it takes us to commute to work each day, or to drive to visit our families, let alone travel across the great expanse of the sea to another continent. In relation to our puny human size the Earth is enormous. But in comparison to the rest of our galaxy it is just one tiny speck of dust in a cloud floating through space.

That alone is mind boggling! Each dot in that image represents a planet, moon or sun within our galaxy. Can you fathom that? Are you fully comprehending how small we are when you see this? I know it’s difficult for me. Now, take a look at this image. (click image for full size)

This was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and shows approximately 5,500 galaxies!!! And this is just the small window the telescope was pointing at, and only shows galaxies who’s light is strong enough to reach the telescope. What you’re not seeing in this image are all the galaxies behind it who’s light is not strong enough to be picked up by the Hubble, and that goes backward into space, INFINITELY! FOREVER!!! There is no end to the universe, it just keeps going. And going. And going.

And while this is scary to most people it somehow makes my life, though so very tiny and inconsequential in the grand scheme of time and space, easier to live because it’s a reminder that what I may view at the time to be a big deal really ain’t shit. It’s scary and freeing at the same time.

I’ve linked this video here in the past, but it is worth watching again. Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot. It’s quite humbling.

And I wanted to add a side note about my beliefs on alien life forms and their existence. I do believe there is other intelligent life out there. With the shear size of the universe and all the infinite possibilities I can not, nor will I accept, that the human race is the most intelligent life form in the universe. It just can’t be.