Tough love and chewing tobacco. A golf cart and a wind-breaker. That’s Coach in my mind.

Even being voted Prom King wasn’t enough to prove to him that I was man enough for his team. Or even man enough for golf.

Arnie and I,  we only got hung up on the front 4 at every practice and got no further because he partnered us with the hot twin sisters on the team.

You thought I was a fag coach. Those were your words on the bus to practice. You chewed tobacco and rode around in the golf cart berating us.

We only let everyone play through so we could lay on the grass in the sun after school with the hot twins. Two identically lean and long-haired beautiful girls with taught tan muscular thighs who rendered the finer points of putting unimportant.

I learned a lot about golf that season. My skin got tougher because of him. But more importantly, I learned that being comfortable and easy around beautiful women gets you laid. Also, your nipples will chafe if your collared shirt is made from a synthetic fabric.

Thanks coach!