This web site asks for submissions where you take an old photo and then go back to where the photo was taken and take a new photo of the old photo in the same environment and then write a quick blurb about the situation or how you’re feeling about the whole thing. It’s a really cool way of combining the past and the present. Below are two examples, first is a funny one:

Dear Photograph,
Any idea where them dinosaur shorts are at?

And then, a sad one:

Dear Photograph,
Thank you for everything we had.

FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!! Oh-my-GOD did I tear up when I saw this!! It made me so sad to realize that one day I may be on this Earth without the love of my life who means everything to me. And then it made me so happy that I still have her and there are many wonderful times still ahead. Honey, I love you.

Check out the rest of the photographs here, pretty cool idea: