Ok fight fans, time to check out the goods. Here are a couple quick highlights from Bellator.

This is from a few years ago, but here Toby Imada performs the first ever (so I read but I can’t be 100% sure) inverted triangle choke in competition against Jose Masvidal.

Then just a couple weeks ago we see another one! This one is a bit hard to watch because the ref was so slow to realize he was out, but luckily he was fine after the fight. As fine as fine can be after getting into a fight I mean.

And then we have Toby Imada here again in a highlight reel, but this time he’s on the receiving end of a brutal knee. He’s out on feet, it is like Mortal Kombat! If you rewatch the first fight above you can see how Imada is susceptible to the knee, here he just got caught with it. Booom!!!