I love history as much as Tim Butz likes math. So this video makes me happy. Seeing how things were then puts where we are now, in so short a time, into perspective. And I just love the sociological insight it gives into what life was like then. Look how wide that street is! And how there are no lines on the roads, no lights, and probably no traffic rules. Everyone is just criss-crossing back and forth like nut jobs. You’ve got cars, horse drawn buggies and carts, electric street cars, bicycles and people in a free-for-all on the street, going about their business. What are they all doing? Where are they all going? Mr. Chatborn traveling uptown to meet with the distributor for his ice company? Little Max selling his papers and wearing socks up to his knees, yelling “Read all about it!”? Miss Mary Martin crossing the street to meet her lover while her husband breaks his back slinging dead fish down at the docks? Yes, all that and more.
On a creepy note this was taken just four days before the earthquake/fires of 1906.