Burning Money

In the picture above the lady is using her German Money to burn in the fireplace to keep warm. At the time the money was worth less than the physical weight of firewood, so she would just burn the money to keep warm. The Weimer Republic wasn’t too up on their economics I guess as they kept printing more money when they needed it without much regulation. With so much money around it became less valuable, but like I said they weren’t too up on their economics so they just printed more! And in a more recent example of inflation running a muck, the economy of Zimbabwe, who in 2008, had an inflation rate of 231,000,000%. That’s no typo, I did some research. At that time your money in Zimbabwe would lose 50% of it’s value within 24.7 hours. 24 hours! It got so bad they started printing up $100,000,000,000 bills. That’s right, a one hundred billion dollar bill.