One of my favorite shows when I was a kid. My brother and I would set up a course in our basement which was full of boxes, furniture, etc. One end of the basement was the base with a basket propped above the base protector’s head. At the other end the infiltrator started coming forward, stopping at each station where a tennis ball sat. The goal was to move forward from station to station and try to throw that tennis ball into the basket to win the game. Trying to stop the infiltrator was the base keeper who in the show used a tennis ball gun to try and hit the infiltrator, effectively “killing him” and saving the base. We didn’t have a tennis ball gun. But we did have a BB gun! And we would try and shoot the infiltrator as he ran forward. How we never lost an eye I don’t know. ;-|

ANYWAY, here is some good old fashioned American Gladiator love. Here we have Kyler Storm getting punched in the face by Turbo!

Next season Kyler is back and faces Turbo again, but in the football challenge. What does he do to retaliate and bring Turbo down? It’s AMAZING!!!!

And if you want to see Kyler school Turbo again, check this out.