Dudes, this is mind blowing. It’s so freakin’ cool, with the amount of time I spend making faces in Photobooth I can’t imagine how much fun I would have with this thing. And what’s crazy with this is, in essence, if you have the Kinect grab and convert this info you theoretically could assign a shader to anything in view as it tracks it. Meaning I could take a picture of someone else’s face and project it over my head and then move around, dance naked, or poop in a waste paper basket and it would look like it was the other person was doing it.

Or I could map an image of a super model over my body and chat with some horny guy and then when he’s about to blow his load I would turn off the shader/map and be like “Dude, you’re so gay!”. But I would never do that because I hate dudes that do that. Not that I know from experience.

If you want to geek out more check out how measuring in the 3D scanned world matches the real world. Somebody please give this guy a high five for me.

And now geek out when he adds in a little surprise: