I’m no genius, but come on! I’m late on hearing about this guy, he’s already lost the election for his seat in the Senate for South Carolina, but this guy won the Democratic primary. THIS GUY! How fucked are we? An unemployed vet, it had been thought that he was a Republican plant to screw the votes for the seat so the Republican candidate, Jim DeMint, would win by a landslide. Which he eventually did. How did the unemployed vet who lives with his father raise the $10,000+ to even run? You’ve got to wonder, especially considering he didn’t do ANY fund raising before or after he won the primary and didn’t do any real campaigning. Many believe he won the primary just because his name starts with A and was at the top of the list. THIS is the problem with stupid people voting for anything without knowing what they’re actually choosing. Anyway, after he wins the primary his own party asks him to please step down and allow someone more capable to take his spot. WHAT!?!? That’s pretty bad, I could only see that being asked of someone who is part retarded and is without a doubt unqualified for the position. And so I present to you Alvin Greene. Nickname in high school? Turtle.

What’s amazing is at the end of the interview the interviewer STILL says Alvin Greene is probably a better candidate than Jim DeMint. Jesus, how bad is this DeMint guy?