This isn’t Fatty, I’m pretty sure. But it kind of reminds me of him.

A commenter on another Website broke down the action in this video as follows, which I’ve adapted slightly.

1. Naked guy standing on the street wanking.  Pan shot right-left-right.  No other people around.

2. Naked guy sits down on the trunk of a red 1985 Lada, legs spread, as if it was a gynecologist chair.  Shakes his legs.

3. White van leaving lot. Random dog 1 from left to right.

4. Naked guy gets up, waves derisively at the driver of the van. Naked guy obstructs the street. Driver of the van moves ahead slowly but the naked guy doesn’t withdraw. Van tries to drive backwards. Random dog 2 from left to right. Naked guy pulls out the windshield wipers. Van stops. Naked guy starts a rain dance. Driver gets out, puts wipers back on.

5. Naked guy walks around.  Jumps on the roof of the Lada, continues his rain dance. Alarm goes off. Naked guy goes on jumping and humping from car to car. Out comes another guy with a blanket. He follows the naked guy.

6. 3rd guy has shown up at his car. Naked guy fails a landing on that car, hits hard with his face, falls to the ground but doesn’t mind. 3rd guy is wondering what is going on, naked guy confronts him in an attack stance. 3rd guy gives him a fist in the face, kicks his ass.  3rd guy walks away, naked guy kicks his car. 3rd guy returns.  2nd guy with the blanket keeps at distance for his own safety. Naked guy starts playing bongo on 3rd guy’s car. 3rd guy returns and kicks and kicks the naked guy who moves away, falls to the ground and goes in submissive position. As 3rd guy wants to walk away the confrontation continues for a short moment. 3rd guy off into house.

7. 2nd guy comes with the blanket. Covers naked guy’s head with it then walks away. Naked guy throws away the blanked while he walks down the street.  Then he starts running into the entrance of a house. Hold on entrance. After about 15 seconds, 3rd guy pushes naked guy out of the entrance.  Naked guy persists.  4th guy comes out. Several other guys show up, naked guy gives 3rd guy a jab, starts the “windmill”.  Other guys take him down on the ground, kick and hit him. Naked guy gets up and tries to run away, guys follow him, one guy gets him on the ground. Random dog 2 from left to right, inspecting the brawl. Several people have shown up now, naked guy is covered with blanket on the ground.

8. People stand around, check their cars.