Every year since 1960, the Bob Hope Classic has selected its “Classic Girls: a trio of beauties who make pre-tournament appearances and are on hand for all the festivities of tournament week.”

According to the PGA stop’s Website: “Each year, dozens of young ladies apply to be Classic Girls and three are selected based on their appearance and personalities. The three Classic Girls are known as “Bob”, “Hope” and Classic.”

Check out these vintage hotties and remember the good old days, when chubby, married, middle-aged golfers were free to wear turtlenecks, wax their moustaches, and pay hot college girls to put on polka dot skorts, smile, and stick their tits out in a few publicity stills before driving back to Bob Hope’s mansion in the desert for champagne and coke without anybody pulling a Tiger Woods and making a big public outcry if some sex happened to be involved.

Let me know in the comments if any of these little darlings in particular catch your eye.






See a complete collection (1960-present) of Bob Hope’s of Classic Girls here.